Break-bulk cargo

The break-bulk cargo is deemed to be one of the core businesses for the development of Yantai Port. The current cargo mixture consists of backbone categories (including bauxite, oil products, iron ore and coal) and some other cargoes such as fertilizer, timber and steel products. There were 11 kinds of break-bulk cargoes with the annual throughput exceeding one million tons and 4 kinds of break-bulk cargoes with the annual throughput exceeding ten million tons in 2017.

Bauxite: Port of Yantai is regarded as the leading port for bauxite import business in China. In fact, bauxite is the No. 1 break-bulk cargo, among the others, of Yantai Port, hitting a traffic record of 93.837 million tons in 2017. In the future, Port of Yantai will make rational utilization of the resource advantages of each port area, further reduce the logistics costs and improve the logistics service quality. Along with the continuous expansion of the production scale of enterprises such as Shandong Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. and Shandong Weiqiao Group, Port of Yantai will keep sustainable growth of bauxite, further increase the market share of bauxite business, and eventually establish itself into a base port for bauxite import.

Iron ore: Pursuant to the Layout Planning of Coastal Ports in China, Port of Yantai is one of the major iron ore unloading ports among the ports along the Rim of Bohai Sea, mainly offering services to the steel works and ore traders in Shandong, Hebei and He’nan, with annual ore traffic of 15.398 million tons in 2017. In view of that the 400,000-DWT ore terminal and the ore blending base have been built up for operation in the Western Yantai Port Area, as well as the location advantages of Yantai Port (at the estuary of the Bohai Bay and adjacent to the main international waterway), Port of Yantai will be able to carry out waterway-waterway transshipment for large-sized ore carriers among the ports along the Bohai Sea Rim and the regions in Japan and South Korea. On this basis, Port of Yantai will steadily transform itself from one of the main imported-ore handling ports to one of the major ore import ports in the north of China, and one of the important ore trading ports in Bohai Bay.

Coal: Coal is one of the major break-bulk cargoes in Port of Yantai, with annual coal traffic of 15.174 million tons in 2017. Basing upon Longhai Coal Storage & Mixing Logistics Center Project, Port of Yantai will progressively develop into the coal mixing base in the north of China. Furthermore, after the Dezhou-Longkou-Yantai Railway Line is fully completed and opened for traffic at the end of 2017, Port of Yantai will have a direct passageway leading to the coal industrial base in Shanxi Province, Shaanxi Province and the west of Inner Mongolia. Port of Yantai will turn out to be one of the main loading ports for coal transportation from the north to the south of China.

Oil products: The oil product is one of the major break-bulk cargoes with great potentials in Port of Yantai, which is attached with keen attention, with annual oil product traffic of 28.399 million tons in 2017, with year-on-year growth rate of 67.9 percent. Nowadays, however, a large liquid chemical products storage and transit base is being constructed in Western Yantai Port Area. The base comprises of two sections, namely the storage areas respectively for liquid chemical products and petroleum. As per the planning, 13 liquid chemical products and petroleum berths (50,000-300,000 DWT) will be built, the tanking area is designed with a total capacity of 1,100 cubic meters, and the relevant supportive facilities such as the pipelines will be constructed. On the basis of various development advantages, Port of Yantai will establish itself into one of the major energy import ports and an oil product delivery base with international influence in the north of China.

LNG: The LNG project, located in Western Yantai Port Area, includes construction of LNG terminals, receiving stations, long-distance pipeline and so on. In the first phase, three storage tanks of 200,000 cubic meters, one loading and unloading berth of 266,000 cubic meters and one converted berth of 50,000 cubic meters will be constructed, and with an annual turnover capability of 3 million tons; In the second phase,the turnover volume will reach to 10 million tons per annum, and seven LNG storage tanks of 200,000 cubic meters and one loading and unloading berth of 266,000 cubic meters will be newly built. The starting point of the LNG external pipeline project is in Western Port Area, and the end point is Jinan terminal station,with length of about 441 kilometers, and a designed transmission capacity of 48 billion cubic meters per annum. The LNG project is scheduled to be put into operation in 2021, and its upstream project is the project of “Ethiopian-Djibouti Oil and Gas”,No.2 of the state energy projects under “One Belt and One Road”.

Western Yantai Port Area is the only one separated basin planned for LNG business by the Ministry of Transportation. It has room for the development of more than 30 storage tanks of 200,000 cubic meters and six berths for LNG carriers of 266,000 cubic meters. In the future, this project could be further expanded basing upon the national energy development strategy and the development needs of the natural gas market, with a total LNG receiving capacity of 40,000,000 tons per annum. On this ground, Western Yantai Port Area will be gradually established into an important national gas storage base, as well as the natural gas storage and transportation center in the north of China.

Fertilizer: Fertilizer is one of the major cargoes with traditional advantage in Port of Yantai, with annual traffic of 2.725 million tons in 2017 and holding the first place among all the coastal ports of China. Under cooperation with fertilizer traders, Port of Yantai is endeavoring to create a platform of Fertilizer FOB Yantai through integration of various internal and external resources, as well as enhancement of information system and service brand, so as to establish itself into the fertilizer distribution center of China.

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Zhifu Bay Stevedoring Company of
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