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Taking advantage of the natural Golden Waterway from Yantai to Dalian, Port of Yantai has developed into a key hub for people and materials transportation, which links together the South, Middle of China, Shandong Province and the three provinces in the northeast of China.

There are five large-sized passenger stations, with 17 passenger & Ro-Ro berths and a quay line of 2,598 m. These terminals are equipped with 6 large Security Detectors for Ro-Ro business, 10 linking bridges and various supportive facilities. Now several shipping lines (e.g., Yantai-Dalian, Penglai-Lvshun, Longkou-Lvshun, Yantai-Incheon of South Korea, and Yantai-Pyeongtaek of South Korea) have been opened for passenger & Ro-Ro services, with annual passenger traffic of more than 4 million persons and 400,000 vehicles. At present, there are 16 large luxurious passenger & Ro-Ro vessels providing shipping services between Yantai and Dalian, with 420 liners per month.

Yantai Port has established closer cooperation with over ten auto manufacturers such as Shanghai GE, and has opened several commercial vehicle Ro-Ro shipping lines to Africa, South America, and Middle East, etc. Accordingly, the development of commercial vehicles export business has been promoted towards diversification on a scale basis. In 2017, the throughput of commercial vehicles at our port reached 263,000, with year-on- year growth rate of 31.2 percent, the commercial vehicles Ro-Ro logistics center has taken shape.

Currently the Passenger/Cargo Ro-Ro Transportation Center in Zhifu Bay Port Area and the Ro-Ro Terminal in Penglai Port Area are respectively under planning and construction. Under the Passenger/Cargo Ro-Ro Transportation Center Project, a new building (85,000 m2) for Passenger Terminal will be built up, and a square of 50,000 m2 will be transformed and expanded, with a total investment of RMB 550 million yuan. This project will greatly facilitate the development of Sino-Korean Railway Ferry and the international cruise business in the future. Under the Ro-Ro Terminal Project in Penglai Port Area, four large Ro-Ro berths and the various supportive facilities are to be constructed, with a total investment of RMB 320 million yuan for the first phase works. After completion, Port of Yantai will further consolidate its key position as the passenger/Ro-Ro transportation center in the north of China.

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